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A perfect garden – no matter its size – should enclose: nothing less than the entire universe.

Luis Barragan


like a line made by walking


not richard long Рso much more beautiful :

the trace is any enduring mark left on a solid surface by continuous movement … the snail leaves an additive trace of slime, but animal tracks are usually reductive, caused by boring in wood or bark, imprinting in the soft surface of mud, sand or snow or, on harder ground, the wear and tear of many feet.

Tim Ingold’s ‘Lines: A Brief History’

a dirty topic


The mouth kisses, the mouth spits; no one mistakes the saliva of the first for the second. Similarly, there is nothing necessarily impure about dirt. What must be determined are the conditions under which a surface marking is experienced as a stain. In traditional cultures the distinction between purity and impurity was not absolute, nor was that between what was sacred and profane; the relationship was ambiguous, each side of the pair being part of the other Рdirt was both impure and pure.

Mohsen Mostafavi & David Leatherbarrrow On Weathering

ground displaced


goldsworthy’s striding arches.